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Find Local Attractions

Browse events to attend,
attractions to see, places to eat
and specials ranked by the
PopScore (social clout and
popularity) of the creator.

Pop an Event

Joyhounds can "Pop" an event---a
personal endorsement of an
event, to increase its PopScore.
The higher the PopScore the
higher the listing position.

Share Event Photos

Photos matter because they
separate what looks good
from...well...everything else.
Upload and view event photos
all in one place.

Discover Popular Events,
Catch Deals and Specials
and Connect with friends in
Real Time.

Less Search, More Fun

Joyhound automatically ranks events by their PopScore
(popularity). Filter by category (Social, Culture, Family, etc.)
to decide what's best.

Happy Place &
Good Times

Friends help us find good times. Connect with friends and stream their event photos to your Happy Place. Fun never looked so good!

Tag Real Events
in Your Photos

Easily share and find friend's event photos in one place by
tagging them with real events.

Our Story

The concept for Joyound was born in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina catapulted a young college grad into one of the nation's biggest and busiest cities, New York City. KobySackey no longer had a home in New Orleans and spent the next six years in the "Big Apple." There was so much that the city offered; however, after a long work week Koby was too tired from work (and unfamiliar with the area) to socialize and truly experience the city.

Joyhound was not necessarily just for Koby but for anyone, anywhere---whether they were in a new city by chance or choice. Everyone deserves to truly experience a city like a "local." Scrolling through his social networks, there seemed to be tons of events on any given night; however, no way to assess which were worth the time to attend.

What they most needed to feel like a local was a listing site based upon a ranking of events by social influence. This listing would generate amazing local content (art shows, restaurant specials, events), organize it all based on some sort of value system, and put all that information into the palm of your hand.

After countless brainstorming and feedback sessions, Koby finally landed on the simplest of concepts - we needed an app that presented the most POPULAR things to do TODAY. Not the most popular places in a city, but the best and most popular things a city had to offer on any given day. After locking himself in a room and learning the basics of HTML coding, UI design, and how to create a tech startup---the first prototypes of Joyhound were created.

Joyhound is currently headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana. The team of 10 amazing real life heroes is dedicated to helping everyone discover fun events and specials. Everyone deserves to have the local experience.

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